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Hello and welcome to episode #42 of the Gay Business & Marketing Made Easy podcast I am your host Jenn Grace.

As always I thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to listen to this show. I really appreciate it.

Today's show is an interview with Dr. Ronni Sanlo who has an incredible past as it relates to LGBT history. She's been in the movement for a really long time and has been doing incredible work. She shares two stories during our conversation that are so moving that I had chills. I would consider her to be a true pioneer in LGBT rights. And because of that she has some really interesting thoughts around how to market to the LGBT community.

During the interview today one of my announcements was asking you to send your pictures of you reading my new book! :)
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Purple Distinctions

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Thanks for listening today, I hope you enjoyed and found value in this episode!
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AUDIO TITLE:  Episode #42 – Ronni Sanlo Interview
Welcome to the Gay Business and Marketing Made Easy Podcast where you'll learn how to do business with and market to the LGBT community in an authentic and transparent way. We're talking about the $790 billion lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community. We'll help you grow your business, gain market share and impact your bottom line. And now your host - she's an entrepreneur, a marketing maven and an advocate for the LGBT business community. Jenn, with two N's, T. Grace.
Jenn T Grace:
Hello and welcome to episode number 42 of the podcast. I am your host, Jenn- with two N's- Grace. And as always I thank you so much for taking the time out of your day today to listen to today's show. I have a great guest coming up and I'm super excited to have her on. And one of the random things that I want to ask you right out of the gate, and I think by now you probably actually associate me with random because I do throw a random thing here and there for you. And I think you may know this, but I am a total podcast junkie. So I listen to, it's probably about eight different podcasts right now, and I find value in all of them for very different reasons. And whether I'm in the car by myself I'll be listening to them, if I'm out running I'm listening to them. Even sometimes if I'm just kind of in transit going from store to car or anything like that, I'm usually listening to a podcast. So I have found over the last couple of weeks that I have very specific podcasts that I listen to for a very specific timeframes. So if I am going to be in the car and I know it's going to be a quick thirty minute drive, I have a thirty minute episode I listen to. And then also if I'm going to go out for a run, I know that I need one that's usually about 45 to 60 minutes.

So what I want to know from you, is when and where are you listening to this show? I would love to hear it. I know from, actually a great deal of you, that a lot of you listen to it on your way into work in the morning. So I'm curious to know what your commute length is like, or if you're going to the gym and listening to this, what that might be like too. I'm really just a curious person in general, but what I would love to do is to find out when you guys are listening to them, and what your ideal episode length would actually be like. Because I do have episodes that range from thirty to sixty minutes, and I know there's other podcasts out there that are far more routine with the length of their episodes. So I'm just curious to know when you're listening to it. Because if there's a way that I can make it easier for you, I would love to do that. So like I said,

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